Gradepoints for Students

Students earn Gradepoints by achieving success in the classroom. Examples of success through attendance, teamwork, and overall subject improvement.

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Gradepoints for Teachers

Teachers award Gradepoints to students and earn Gradepoints to use for their classroom based on student Gradepoints redemption.

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Gradepoints for Sponsors

Sponsors generate additional revenue for their products and services through Gradepoints as they are redeemed for sponsor gift cards.

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Why Gradepoints?

Gradepoints is a tool for teachers to engage with students by reinforcing good behaviors with recognition. Teachers will also qualify for Gradepoints for student participation and redemption.

When students receive their Gradepoints, they are able to redeem them through the app (in development) for digital gift cards provided by our sponsors. The student may choose to celebrate the success by sharing on social media platforms.

The sponsors will generate additional revenue upon redemption, as these gift cards are in small increments relative to the merchant offering.

Interest List

The Gradepoints app is currently in the development stage. The company is currently in the process of selecting a school in the Charlotte area to test the app in late 2021. Interested teachers, students, and sponsors are encouraged to email